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and digital marketing

About Us

The AML Network is dedicated to offering the best-quality one-stop solutions and experience for the development and management of online communication and digital marketing.

We develop platforms and tools for global relationship, providing direct and indirect users with smoother communication. We also specialize in business maintenance and survival, providing our partners and service providers with cost-effective digital marketing and branding strategies, powerful data analysis systems to expose, understand and obtain the most valuable insights, and secure user-identification systems for peace of mind.

AML Network has joined forces with an extensive range of clients and partners on a global scale. Despite the complexity of today’s commercial activities, we believe our proficiency and commitment can bring positive changes to both our users and the entire online-communication industry.

Our Mission

AML Network focuses on facilitating people from around the world build and develop stronger relationships in a safer and simpler way by streamlining communication between those of different linguistic and social backgrounds, overcoming traditional cross-language and cross-cultural barriers through the development of software, services and functions.

We also offer advertising strategies, including affiliate and brand marketing strategies; data analysis and solid technical support. The aim is to ensure our service providers and partners target the correct users methodically – those wishing to build relationships and expand social interaction – by understanding their needs.

Safe and Secure Payment Systems

We implement safe and secure user identification systems to ensure our users can enjoy our content with an ease of mind.

All payments performed on our websites are effected via internationally-recognized secure payment systems, including PayPal and major credits cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, etc). Our websites comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to ensure our users can conduct safe and secure online transactions. All suspicious actions and fraudulent transactions are closely monitored by our internal Risk Management Department.

Platform & Website Development

Our business activity includes the development, maintenance and modification of our clients’ platforms and websites, all of which are performed by our internal staff and with the help of 3rd party service providers.

Our Digital Marketing Initiative

At our disposal are a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and tools, such as search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing optimization (SEO), affiliate and advertising partnership programs, and others, to market our online social networking platforms and websites. We strive to maintain and improve our core growth drivers in order to achieve the best conversion rates for our clients’ platforms and websites.

Our People

Our success is built on the knowledge and expertise of our global workforce, who live by diverse and all-encompassing values and perspectives nurtured at AML. We believe that collaboration and teamwork leads to first-class services for our clients, which is also the reason for our customer-driven attitude and constant strive to deliver services beyond and ahead of our clients’ expectations.

Our Services

We are committed to delivering premium and valuable global online communication solutions to connect villages internationally. We operate a win-win affiliate program, providing advertisers with economical tactics to boost their earnings and develop their brand name online. And we provide user behavior and data analysis and effect evaluations in the market for online communication and social industries, and help specify sustainable development plans.

Contact Us

Suite 18, 29th Floor, Metropole Square, 2 On Yiu Street, Shatin, Hong Kong.